Sunday, October 16, 2005

Beauty News - Beware of fake beauty

Beware of fake beauty products (Sun Star)
BUSINESSMAN Jaime V. Acosta warned Bacolodnons and Negrenses against fake beauty products circulating in the country. Acosta, together with Melanie Marquez-Lawyer, was in Bacolod City Friday to promote the Renew Placenta under the Psalms Tre' franchise name.

Beauty and the book: Iman's makeup guide (MSNBC)
In “The Beauty of Color,” the international supermodel celebrates global beauty and offers tips on how to care for all skin tones. Read an excerpt.

Carolina Bays Show Biological Diversity (AP via Yahoo! News)
It may not have the beauty of a waterfall or waves crashing on the beach, but few places on the Southeast shore can match the variety found inside the mysterious shallow depressions along the coastal plains called Carolina Bays.

-- ACTORS already know what guarantees an Oscar nod - playing gay, crazy or disabled characters.

their bodies, their beauty (The Charlotte Observer)
bodies, beauty 5 confident females tell us why they're comfortable in their own skin; `Love Your Body Week' aims to spread the feeling Are you someone who can...Look at a mirror only once today, satisfied that you look just fine?

Beauty queen wears tiara over hajib (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
ROANOKE, Va. - Excited and jittery, Anisah Rasheed of Roanoke pondered a fashion dilemma that few beauty queens have faced before: Matching her coronation gown with her hajib, a headscarf worn by Muslim women.

Author finds Beauty in E.M. Forster (Kansas City Star)
Recently selected as a Booker Prize finalist, Smith’s latest novel, her third, is an affectionate homage to E.M. Forster, recalling his great 1910 novel Howards End . But the fictional furniture has been updated and rearranged; Edwardian fustiness has been traded for postmodern eclectic.

Scenic beauty of countryside is major draw in Wingdale (Poughkeepsie Journal)
Music professor Robert Fertitta describes his Wingdale neighborhood as quiet and picturesque. With homes dotting a hillside, the Woodwinds subdivision is set in a residential area, across a small river.


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